A well designed logo is an asset to a company and is the face of its brand. It must be designed in such a way that it is able to give the best impression in the minds of the general public. Creating such an important part of branding for a company needs much more than mere graphic designing capabilities. While you design a logo various factors that represent the good things about the brand for which it is made must be cleverly incorporated into it. Logo design is a very skillful and artistic job and needs lot of experience, practice, patience and specific design skills to give what your client expects in his logo.

You have to follow these essential steps while undertaking to create a custom logo design such as

  • Create draft designs as the starting point – make as many preliminary draft drawings with as many variations as possible. These may be  just pencil or pen sketches or simple outlines that crop out based on 
  • inputs from your client,
  • the study about the company, 
  • its products 
  • the business message the company wants to convey to the general public, 
  • the type of logo that you think will be most appropriate, 
  • the results of your own creative thoughts etc

Create a lot of drawings and try to give as many variations as possible to each of the sketches. Show and discuss with the person who takes the final decision. Get his input, short list the probable ones and proceed with another round of variations and implementing the inputs of your client. Now take these to the client and he will be able to get a clear picture of what he likes and what he is going to get out of these logo design ideas. At this stage you will be able to select one or two of your original sketches to proceed. 

Don’t hesitate to spend as much time as possible on this preliminary stage as this is going to be the most crucial and significant part of your logo design process.

 2.  Create a balanced design- a logo design is a successful combination of graphic elements, colors, size and format and these must have a harmonious balance for the final design to have a pleasing appeal to it.

3. Design in the right size- Size does matter much in a logo design as it has to look great when scaled down to get them printed on the letterheads, visiting cards, or envelopes. At the same time it should look great when it is scaled up to very big sizes to be used in posters, TV programs and other types of presentations also. So, design a logo that is good for all uses.

4. Use colors intelligently in a distinctive manner- the skill of a designer lies in his ability to use the colors in a way that the logo you have designed looks good in black and white, grayscale and two color versions also.  The use of particular colors must be made to match the overall tone and the general feel of the brand and must be done in such a way that it evokes the right feeling and moods in the minds of those who see it.

5. Choose a design style that is appropriate for the brand- Based on the background information of the company and the brand they want to establish through the logo design you are going to make, select the right design style. Do your research on the audience to whom the logo design must look impressive and select the right design style to get the right type of logo design.

6. Select the right typography- selecting the right type of font, size and style is very important for the overall look and feel of your logo especially if your design has text as part of the logo or you have a tag line. To get a stunning logo design, do not neglect this important style guide and implement this design element to get the best results.

7. Make your logo easily recognizable- the final point in the creation of your logo is to make it recognizable to the brand it represents. The success of your logo design lies in the ability of the common man to instantly recognize the logo to the brand of the customer. To achieve this combine all the graphic elements that you have finalized in the early stages like style, size, typography, color, originality in a harmonious way. Do not forget the fact that your logo is not going to be seen head- on in all the real life situations and so it is important for you to design the logo as recognizable even when seen from any angle or position.

8. Think differently and be original- to stand out among various designs think differently and be absolutely original. Come out with a creative logo design that is innovative and unique in all respects.

9. Secret behind good logo is its simplicity – Your logo will be effective in fulfilling its desired functions if it is simple and you can keep the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle to work for you in this aspect.

10.  Choose the right effects to highlight the logo design - You have a variety of effects that can be applied to your logo design enhancing its design appeal but this must be used in the right way so that it does not interfere with the simplicity and the overall look of the custom logo you have created.

These are only a few guiding stages of designing logo as a successful branding format for your customers. You can include any other stage to your design process as it may become necessary as each logo design process has to be considered case by case for the successful and satisfactory completion of the project.

In the following pack we selected some great logos , for your inspiration. If you didn't find what you were looking for then visit Dribbble or Creattica for more inspirations. Cheers!




1.Shift Logo by Brian Plemons



2.Swansight Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka

3.Skull logo by Gal Yuri


4.Checklist by Jimmy Goedhart

5.DigFile Logo by Sean Farrell

6.JM Logo by Jan Mense

7.Rocket Design Logo by mangustas

8.Fulltime Logo by Dalius Stuoka

9.'P' for Platform by Mayak

10.Coffee-Rhino by Mechax

11.Sixbase Logo by Alvin Thong 

12.Stemford-Institute of foreign languges by Igor Eezo

13.Fox Star by Fraser Davidson

14.Foot Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka

15.Rocketcatch Logo by Dalius Stuoka



15.Autobeginner Logo by Brendberry

15.Hafiz Bacote by Paukair

16.Vino Piano by Mootto Studio

17.Songcake by Badovsky

17.Goodduck by Badovsky


18.ArtFarm Logo by Brigada Creativa

19.Pencil Logo by Reghardt

20.GP Qualify Logo by Tpompeu





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